Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gobble Gobble!

Hi all!
Challenge update: Since I posted about the challenge back last week, I will say that it has been a rocky time with Thanksgiving thrown in there! Overall, exercise wise, I was able to meet my calorie burn everyday except rest day(which ended up being Saturday) either through the *desired* 60 minutes on the gazelle.  There was a few days (Thursday and Friday) where I, probably like most Americans, used my cooking time (4+ hours) and Black Friday early morning shopping(8+ hours) as my form of exercise for the day. Otherwise, I have been able to get at least 45 minutes of gazelle in each day(only one day at 45 minutes the rest 60) so I am pretty proud of that. The scale seems to moving down but of course fluctuates daily (which angers me beyond belief) so I'll be updating that soon as well.

Don't get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with using those forms of activity as "exercise". I wanted to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio each day(and had planned to by bringing my workout clothes with me!) I mean I was up on Turkey day at 6 getting things going, went back to bed for a bit, then got up at 8 for the day, where I proceeded to chop, saute, bake, instruct, and burn with lots of food items! Our Turkey day celebrations(we are lucky enough to eat and enjoy two giant meals that day, spread out about by 4 hours. Isn't that enough time to digest? NO NO NO!) went off without too many hitches (undercooked chicken at the first and blah gravy at the second) and good times had by all.  The pictures were accidentally deleted but I do have one that Chris made me take at his sister's house(gross pic, I'm EXHAUSTED!!!)

The entire Thanksgiving weekend went so fast! As always! We stayed in Polk City for Wednesday night and had movie night with my sister and niece(oh how she loves Toy Story 3!) and made some rockin' nachos(sans pics of course). It makes me warm and fuzzy staying in, making a delish din din, and spending time with the rugrats that I love the most! Thursday morning/afternoon was spent with my immediate fam, ending in the annual Michigan Rummy card game and I was able to score a victory narrowly but I still WON!! That's all that counts, right? We scooted off to the in-laws around 3pm where the father in laws bro and sis came to eat. We played a white elephant game that we normally play during Christmas so that was delightful. I was able to score a pretty huge draft dodger that I am for sure re-gifting at the next White Elephant party on December 11th. It still has tags people! I died when I got home around 10 Thursday night and was up and at 'em bright and early with the sis for deals to be found. A good recap is here.

Friday was the annual Foosball tournament for the all the men in our lives, from high school and beyond. It is always a good time, the girl usually start to congregate after giving the boys a good solid 4 hours alone. Hilarity always ensues, as these pictures can tell you:

Saturday we spent more time in PC, some in the hot tub and some not. Ended up watching Grown UP's before leaving for home. So so movie. Nothing too funny but just enough to keep me awake (sometimes just barely!) Sunday, the sister and niece went with me to Trader Joe's for their first time and I think that they picked up some good loot. She already used the pizza crust so I am totally JEL there but my time will come. I HEART TRADER JOE'S. I will get pics when I make my pizza. There is so much good, different stuff out there for decent prices. Locals GO THERE NOW!!!

Off to make some dinner(shepherds pie with leftovers from Turkey day--second meal--SCORE!)
Stay tuned tomorrow: restaurant review on Bang Bang Mongolian Grill!