Saturday, November 20, 2010

More insight on me...

I'm either lounging around on this Saturday afternoon or knee deep in tailgating! Either way, hope you have a good day and enjoy a bit more about me!

1) Are you an Aunt/Uncle?
Yes, two wonderful nieces and two wonderful nephews!

2) Can you do a cartwheel?
Not in the slightest

3) What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Not sure, either Alvin and the Chipmunks or Couples Retreat…not a very often movie goer!

4) Do you eat vegetables regularly?
Raw, baked, frozen, sauteed. I am really a vegetarian at heart! Love them all.

5) If you were going to get a body piercing, where would you get it?
I have my ears pierced already. Not really feeling anything else.

6) Do you ever hang out with someone of the opposite sex?
Yes, frequently. I'm married.

7) Are you a jealous person?
For certain things.

8) Do you believe in life on other planets?
Sure. You've seen ET right?

9) How many times have you been to Canada?
None. Would like to go though eh!

10) Have you ever had a reptile as a pet?
Is a turtle a reptile? If so, yes. Otherwise, not sure.

11) What is your favorite fruit?
Blueberries, strawberries, or watermelon. Again, not a picky eater.

12) What is the ring tone on your phone right now?
Depends on who is calling: my hubby: At last by Etta James, my sister Beyonce's Single Ladies and everyone else Michael Jackson's Beat It

13) Who was your last missed call on your cell phone?
My hubby just called over his lunch break

14) Where are you most ticklish?

15) How many hours a week do you normally work?
40 grueling hours for the MAN

16) Who’s your best friend?
Sara, Kayla, Lindsey

17) Do you have any deep dark secrets?
One to 4

18) When was the last time you were sick?
Sniffling this morning and usually a day of cramps that bed rid me each month but other than that Sept 2009, the WORST head cold EVER!

19) How many siblings do you have?

20) Did you ever try running away from home when you were younger?

21) What makes you the happiest?
Not working or being on a set in stone schedule set by someone else.

22) Where do you want to be right now?
On a vacation, anywhere.

23) Have you ever finished a Rubik’s Cube?
Bah, no. No patience. Only held one once, too.

24) When was the last time you rode a bike?
The last memory is about age 9 when I wrecked, soon to be Feb 5th BRRR!!!!

25) Do you have any vacation plans for this summer?
Florida in May but for sure somewhere else after that!

26) Where were you 1 hour ago?
Chained to this desk via a headset.

27) Who will be your next kiss?
The hubs or a dog :)

28) What is in your desk drawer?
At home: no drawers At work: work crap

29) Three words to explain why you last threw up:
Pizza Rolls + Beers

30) What is the equation for the Pythagorean theorem?
That's literally all Greek to me!

31) Do you believe the guy should pay on the first date?
Don't expect it but definitely like it.

32) Do you think Barbie is a negative role model for young girls?
Who cares aren't children supposed to live in a fantasy world.

33) What kind of car does your father & mother drive:
Depends, they have a lot of vehicles for two peeps. Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles.

34) Do you like Scrabble?
Sure. I'm very competitive!

35) Where did you attend high school?
North Polk Junior and Senior High

36) Favorite scientist?
Bill Nye the Science Guy

37) Do you like mornings?
Don't mind them just hate chit chatting in the AM.

38) Last television program you watched:
DVRd episode of Rachael Ray show

39) If you'd been born in the opposite sex, what would your name be?
Fred something. Dad didn't get a boy so his dog is named Fred.

40) Does your family own any boats:
My parents used to. It wasn't utilized very often so it got SOLD!

41) Something you can’t live without:
Water and sleep. DUH!

42) Can you whistle?

43) What swear word do you use the most?

44) Do you have air conditioning in your room?
Yes, the entire house actually. Welcome to the 21st century.

45) What do you do when a vending machine steals your money?
Shake the machine. Livin' on the edge!

46) How often do you read books?
Not often enough, usually cookbooks only or magazines about cooking :)

47) What did you have for dinner last night?
Beef stroganoff and broccoli w/ cheese.

48) Describe the computer you are currently using:
Work computer IBM with a monitor the size of VW Beetle that is from when peeps could smoke in buildings and has the smoke color to prove it!

49) How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
Depends on where I'm going: work like 15 minutes and I'm good. On the town: 60+ I like to take my time!

50) Will you donate your organs after you pass?
Yes all of them, especially my lady bits.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm a bad blogger...

Sorry readers, long time no chat! And I'm not really much better right now! I promise to post something interesting tomorrow night, right now I'm tired. Went to the Rockettes tonight. Nice but long!

For your reading pleasure....
1. How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?
I would have to check when I get home but I'm sure there are some oldies in there, although I recently did closet clean out. I suspect it would be a pair of tennis shoes, I can't seem to throw them out unless they are caked in mud. That’s why I save them even after I buy new :)

2. Did you buy Girl Scout cookies this year? If so, what variety?
I haven't been approached yet but if so, would buy stock in the do-si-do's (for the hubs) and samoa's(for myself).

3. Do you know how to ballroom dance?

4. Were you a responsible child/teenager?
50/50, I got good grades and held a job but dabbled in mischievous-ness at times.

5. How many of this year's Oscar-nominated movies did you see?
From this last years: The Blind Side (great!), Precious (slow but good storyline), and Up in the Air (also slow but didn't turn it off)

6. If you're going to have a medical procedure done, such as having blood drawn, is it easier for you to watch someone else having the procedure done or have it done yourself?
Not a big deal either way to me.

7. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
The weekends are obvious choices but I really like Fridays, the work day is a lot less intense, everyone is happy for the most part, and the entire weekend is ahead of you!

8. Do you miss anyone right now?
A few but nothing can be done about it.

9. Do hospitals make you queasy?
No, other emotions typically come out.

10. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

Sam's Club, they have it all! And in huge sizes!

11. Are you true to the brand names of products/items?
A few things (Q-Tips, Anderson Erickson cottage cheese, Bath and Body Works for body spray are the ones that come to mind) I'm not too picky.

12. Which is more difficult: looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when he/she is telling you how he/she feels?
Both. I'm freaked out by intense amounts of eye contact.