Friday, December 31, 2010

Review: Bang Bang Mongolian Grill

Bang Bang
Mongolian Grill
6240 Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266
(515) 440-2264
Open: Sun—Thurs 11am-10pm and Fri—Sat 11am—11pm

  Most recently, the restaurant that I have visited is Bang Bang Mongolian Grill out in the Jordan Creek/West Glen area of West Des Moines.  Now with the area littered with both local and chain restaurants, this one caught the eyes of both my sister and I as we are both fans of the very similar joint HuHot.

  Similarities include: various appetizers to choose from (egg rolls, crab rangoons, lettuce wraps, nachos, etc; soup or salad, and your meal.)  The meal always consists of whatever you choose, and as many times as you choose.
  First off, there are two kinds of soup to choose from (all self-serve). That particular day was clam chowder and egg drop. I am not sure if it changes on a daily basis or not.

  Next was a salad bar, with run of the mill toppings, and all kinds of dressings. I am a self pronounced ranch dressing connoisseur and theirs DEFINITELY stands up to some of the best of I’ve tasted. Side note, probably not the healthiest options as they do have various vinaigrettes and low fat options.
 Next is the meat (steak, pork, chicken, various seafood, tofu) and then noodles (soba, spaghetti, and rice). Veggies galore come next, all kinds with even more variety than HuHot. Then there is a spice bar that include both liquid and dry spices. Nice touch! Then onto the grill where the concoction is freshly made and served piping hot!
 There is even a nacho chip bar with sour cream, cheese dip, salsa, and tortillas if you want fajitas!!

 Launa loves CHOPSTICKS!!!

  Overall, great experience and highly recommend giving it a try!

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