Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Weigh In!

Down 13lbs for far to date! CAN I GET A WHAT WHAT?

That is 3 more down since last Monday, up 1 from the lowest weigh in throughout the weekly (weighing in daily=NUTZ!), and 36 down from start of 2010.

I'm happy with it. A loss is a loss but I was hoping for a bit more. I like to see 5lbs a week but let's be serious here: I'm not on the biggest loser!

I did work out each day for an hour but neglected to incorporate anything besides cardio. I feel like I get the most bang for my buck here time wise for calories burnt. I know I know, strength training is pertinent, I'll work it in. I saw a sign on a gym in Urbandale (near Walgreens and Kum & Go on Douglas & 76th-ish) that was promoting $10 personal training so I may look into that. Who knows? I just don't know what I'm doing in that department.

This week could have been a lower loss but also could have skipped the naked hot wings I ate yesterday during the football game. They were SO GOOD! Worth every calorie! Skipped the butter filled hot sauce so that was a good sign...

Some non-scale victories this week included:
  • Smaller pair of jeans fit and I didn't have to lay on the bed with my breath held to get them to zip. Biggest muffin top I've ever had but damn it they zipped!
  • Size large t-shirt fit too! Tight all over but still went on!
  • Made a new chicken verde soup that is practically calorie free (not really) but so tasty!!! WILL BE MAKING AGAIN so will post pics and recipe...LOVED IT!!
  • Shaved almost 2 minutes from the time that it takes on the elliptical to do 5 miles (started at just over 60 and now just around 58!)
  • Took a half batch of leftover cookies to work and gave them away instead of eating them all myself!
What some non-scale victories make you giddy all over?
PS: Little less than 12 days until the Superbowl (IE: day we leave for Mexico) and I have 7lbs to go to hit the goal of 20 lbs lost. I need a pedicure so am dying working hard at the gym this week and in the kitchen to get it!!

Stay tuned….trying to find pics to post for before and afters. Anyone have some from NYE 2009/10?

What are you doing this week to make sure you are still working towards your

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