Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No time, never enough time...

Did anyone else picture the Saved By The Bell episode where Jessi is all doped up on caffeine pills so she can study into the night? I think SBTB has a special place in many gal's hearts my age...

I thought it fitting to use that as a funny intro to the timeline I am attempting to accomplish. Losing weight is hard. No ifs, ands or big but's (pun intended) about it. What's harder is finding the time to get it to happen then sticking with the amount of time it takes to get to the desired end result.

END RESULT=Over 100 lbs lost by October 19th.

There it is. I want it. I am ready to get there. DAMN! That seems like a million days away (275 to be exact). the whole scheme of things, IT IS NOT that far away. I mean, I didn't gain all this weight in 275 days so how can I expect to lose it all that fast?

It is a pretty healthy rate actually considering I am needing roughly 65 lbs to go to get there. I lost 25lbs in 2010 and that was really about 4 months of dedicated work. If only I wouldn't have stayed off the booze train once I returned from Florida....IF ONLY!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the juice/booze/hooch/moonshine/the sauce, I love the parties when I'm drinking the stuff. The poison leads me to make a whole plethora of not so good decisions when it comes to the END RESULT.

Let's me break it down for you:
  1. The first drink is consumed. Thus the first cigarette is smoked eventually.
  2. FAST FORWARD, past most certainly lots of ridiculous moments.
  3. Make poor eating decisions, for example: death will ensue if I don't eat an entire box of pizza rolls, chips and dip, peanuts, anything I can get in my mouth.
  4. The last morsel of full fat goodness is consumed/pass out.
  5. The next morning. NOT bright eyed and bushy tailed (unless still intoxicated). Headache & sore throat from smoking.
  6. Eat more bad food for breakfast. Not usually able to get "satisfied" from any type of food.
  7. Nap/half watch TV.
  8. Eat more bad food.
  9. Bedtime. Sore throat in the morning again.
The above series of events DOES NOT LEAD to the END RESULT!!!

Where in those events are the keys to my success outlined with my plan of attack?

So what am I doing about this? No alcohol until Superbowl Sunday when my vacation starts, on vacation going to go the fitness center for at least a half hour, presumably before the boys/sister wake up. Then when I return, I am not going to just go get sloshed/shit canned on Fridays/Saturday/any day just because. Now I will partake in bigger social events that have a good meaning behind them (birthdays, etc.).  So far this is what I am forecasting:
  • Feb 6th-Feb 10th: Vacation in MEXICO!
  • Feb 26th: 30th birthday party (80s theme) for a high school friend!
  • May 5-8th: Wedding in Florida!
That's not really a lot of events to partake in imbibing so will work out the best for me. I am sure that there will be some random things that come up that I want to go. So I'll deal with that when that comes up but until now, sorry Anheuser Busch, you're going to have to get another sucka for a time being.

No why don't you just go to parties/events and only have a few/not drink. Not my style. Sorry, the truth hurts. I can go to the party with all good intentions but as soon as I get hit by the party animal, I can't stop it! You guys have seen it. Whats the saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." Mine should be "You can take her to a party but you can't keep her sober!" Just kidding!

Until then, sober Sally for me and I'm more than happy to partake in sober game nights, fun movie nights, etc.

PS: I'm not a raging alcoholic, I just like drinking and it shows :)
PSS: I would have had great pics with this post but my laptop broke . FAIL. and I don't have new drunk pics since I got the new camera because IM NOT DRINKING!! FAIL!
How about you??

Thanks for reading!

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