Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've got a case of the Monday's....

And its already Tuesday!

I called out ill to work Monday (I was just lethargic and not @ 100% so best to rest and leave the next day for my best performance, riiiiiiiiiiiight?) After resting extra long with my puppy in bed, I managed to get myself to KOSAMA to rock the bags for kickboxing (LOVE IT) and kill it on the elliptical for an hour after that!

It definitely got the week started off right; both with eating and exercise, Monday set a good tone for the week. I have a pre-scheduled girl day/night out on Saturday so I KNOW I need to get as much face time with my sweat towel as possible to necessitate the over indulging that will be my entire day (whelp, not my breakfast :) )
Here is what has happened for me and what is to come:

Things to note:
  • Where are your salads?
  • Eat the same thing every day?
                    I set forth a new year challenge to eat a salad for 90 days, in which I failed. I made it through February 26th then I completely forgot. There were some days where I gave myself the benefit of the doubt on what constitutes a salad but never the less, that's a long time!
                    No, I try not to eat the same thing every day. I would like as much variety as the next guy but as of right now, I am doing a self challenge to buy as little groceries as possible. As a food hoarder bargain shopper, I have enough food to last a while so I want to clean cupboards from the near expiration dated food as well as make room for the ice that I bag in the summer to necessitate all the shastas we drink out of cooler. Nothing chaps my hide than paying for ice!

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