Saturday, March 3, 2012

Songs of A Saturday

Good morning those that I automatically send an email to when this is published my faithful followers!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and all things are rainbows and flowers in here in the heartland!

This morning, I had my 5th check in with the lovely folks @ KOSAMA Downtown to gage where my hardwork, sweat, and time has gotten me! I have been doing KDT for a total of 34 weeks so far. That being said these are my stats:
  • Down 31 lbs.
  • Down 11.5% body fat
  • Down 33.75 inches
    • 10 inches off waist
    • 1.5 inches off arms
    • 7 inches off hips
    • 3.75 inches off legs
I am very happy with those numbers! I've put a lot of effort into them and deserve them! Now onto next session and new goal: lose 15 more lbs! Ia m hoping that this comes before the end of the next 8 weeks but ultimately that is my next mini goal!

I am going to stick with the 2 sessions a day @ KDT when it is a cardio based workout (Plyometrics, kickboxing, kardio flex, circuit, etc) but will only do once a day when its more of a kettlebell based workout (upper and lower body). Exercising that much might seem extreme or obsessive to some but to me it's the only way that I am getting change out of my body. You know what they say: In order to see change, you have to change what you've been doing! That I am! That I am!

This week is the last week also of the 2012 Biggest Loser challenge that I am facilitating! I am glad to see it end. 10 weeks was too long, in my opinion, and the motivation seems to wean off after 8 weeks or so! Oh well, live & learn!

On the new weight loss challenge, it looks like I won the first week weigh in! Down 6.6lbs from last Friday night to yesterday morning(morning vs. night has something to do with it but...still!) 11 more weeks to go on this one! Money is a BIG motivator for me!

This weeks menu is using as much as we can from the pantry and freezer. Side note, I failed my 90 day challenge of 1 salad per day on Feb26th. It totally escaped when I was in grilled cheese and macaroni cheese heaven @ Americana's Bombshell Brunch. TO.DIE.FOR!!!

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