Friday, March 9, 2012

Twas the night before...



I swear to you all, it's just as exciting to me, if not more than Christmas eve in my house tonight! I've actually been quite anxious all day. I know there really isn't much else I can do from now until my morning meeting with the scale but it has been on my mind all day :)

I am a slightly competitive person so this type of competition really motivates me, not to mention the stack of Jackson's I want to be to make it rain with in Chi-town next weekend. I am also slightly frugal so money motivates me a bit as well.

Tomorrow not only is weigh in day, ending with our final announcement party, but sandwiched in there I am participating in the St. Patty's Day Fun Run 5K with my seester, and gal pals Joey and Kelli! I.CANNOT.WAIT! In my anal tendencies to plan, and for those with a need to know, here is my day tomorrow:

7:15: First Weigh In (she has to work 8-3)
8:10-9:10 Kardio Flex with seester, a couple friends and a new comer from out of town to try KDT!
9:30: Weigh Ins
12: Girls to arrive for pre-5K pictures and cocktails?
1-3ihs?: Fun Run 5K (Did I mention this is a drinking 5K between bars? FUN!)
3-5: Get ready for announcement party
6: Party @ Felix & Oscar's party room (hey it was free to book, the food/big ass beers are cheap, and they had a groupon!)

What a fun filled day to celebrate the end of a LONG 10 week challenge that helped me get so much closer to my goal!!

That being said: breakfasts, lunches, & snacks are already packed for next to week to make sure I can sleep my hangover away all day Sunday stay on track to my next goal: another 15lbs lost!!!

Here is my menu for next week. FYI, it may seem like we eat a lot of the same dinners but if for some reason it doesn't work out this week, I will move it to the following week. If you cared to know :)

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