Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Thursday...oh wait, Tuesday!

Last day of work this week TOMORROW! LOVE IT!

We celebrated Tuesday tonight with a short version (darn elections) of the Biggest Loser Weekly Dinner party with Lindsey, Sara, and Matt...and it went down in STYLE! Thanks Lindsey!

First things first, the daily eats:
Breakfast: Triple Berry yogurt and a honey crisp apple
Lunch:  Roasted Brussells sprouts and a big salad
Snack: FiberPlus Almond and Dark Chocolate Fiber Bar
Dinner: Avocado BLTs with Steamed broccoli and apples/oragnes
Snack: WINE! with a few random chips and dip

Right after work I went to VOTE!  ROCK THE VOTE Peeps! Then came home and busted ASS on the gazelle! Highest mileage yet. 60 minutes for 4.4 miles!!! Something like 986 calories burnt! HOLY SHIT BALLS! I was sweatin' like a w**** in church!!! Oprah makes it a bit easier because I had count 'em 44 episodes to watch so I am flying through them!

Oh the dinner! It was a nice spread! Prepare yourself for jealousy:
 Apples and organes!
 Toms and avos!
 Best toast ever, steam broc, and micro bacon!
 Toaster oven sure does a good job!
This is your brain on wine and working out!

If you've never placed a slice if delicious avocado on your BLT I highly recommend that you run to the grocery store to get said ingredients and throw something together because it is A-MAZ-ING!

Heads up in the next few days (if all goes as planned :) )
  • Butterscotch Pumpkin Cookies
  • Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Icing
  • SpongeBob Square Pants Cupcake Cake--I'm thinking funfetti cake dough
  • PIZZA! My love!
On that note, this cutie was waiting for me when I got home: TO DIE FOR!!! besides his crazy eyes

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