Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baking Cookies

Good evening all!
Sitting here just waiting for the next batch of cookies to come out of the oven. Not such a great idea to start them so late but can't stop now.

Today was my Friday for the work week so I'm pretty stoked about that! Volunteering tomorrow until around 3 then going to hit a local bank here to see what kind of bargain they can give us on our mortgages. The interest rates are crazy so may as well take advantage right now and cut like 10 years of payments off! Who do you get your mortgage through? Do they offer online access?

Workout wise, I squeezed in a almost 45 minutes session of the gazelle again today. Am I going to get all 6 days in again this week? I KNOW SO! I am thinking about buying a CoreFusion DVD, anyone ever done it before?

Today's eats was pretty normal except we went to dinner out with a friend! Menu plan FAIL!
Breakfast: Gala apple and bagel thin with laughing cow cheese wedge
Lunch: Chicken Tortilla Soup with roasted Brussels sprouts (the last of them so sad)
Snack: FiberPlus Dark Chocolate and Almond fiber bar
Dinner: Chicago Speakeasy--see pics below

We really like this place not only because its 4 blocks from our house but because we have never been let down here! Tonight was no exception; actually we were outdone by our waitress who FINALLY allowed us to order the "lunch" fries instead of thick, non crispy steak fries that we just don't love. I definitely recommend a visit sometime soon.
 Started off with the hubby's all time favorite onion rings, not so much for me.
I like mine thick sliced!
 My salad bar trip. Words CANNOT describe what this salad bar is all about. Of course the salad itself is top notch but I also love the crab salad, macaroni salad, a weird yellow pasta salad, and the Oreo fluff. New addition since last time we went there was a new crouton type, soft and garlic-y like it was leftover garlic bread, which theirs is also TO DIE FOR! The husband and I are known to go here just for the salad bar. LOVES!
 My meal: The Speakeasy which is a piled high french dip with sauteed onions and Swiss cheese galore. I actually had 3 slices of cheese on and they were all the way ooey gooey so I actually took so off. I know me, the purebred American CHEESE FANATIC! I just couldn't had that many calories on Swiss. Now you had Havarti or Muenster or white American on there, WHOLE 'NOTHER BALL GAME FOLKS!
 The husband ordered the special of the night: BBQ Pork Ribs, a whole rack for $12.99. He didn't eat much so I plan to make a BBQ pork rib panini with onions and pickles sometime in our near future.
Our friend ordered the Alaskan king crab legs! This was her first time here and she had heard good things about these(I've never been with anyone who ordered them) so she bravely went there. And they didn't disappoint. Quite possibly the biggest crab legs I have ever seen and I've been to Seattle folks!
Oh the drawn butter! Butter holds a special place in my heart.
Buzzer just went off for the cookies, gotta make the swap and keep the assembly line going. These cookies will be posted about tomorrow but are soft and cloud like, I may make a whoopie pie or two out of them just for shits and giggles.

Oh, and forgetful me forgot to weigh in this morning so will be posting something before heading out to volunteer tomorrow morning. Riveting I know but stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! I need to sleep!!!


  1. JEALOUS of meal. Mine was chips and salsa. Boring.

  2. I am jealous too... where was the call out to your peeps for Chicago Speakeasy!!!!

  3. Holy CRAB LEGS! There were delish and apparently nutrish! Darcy said 364 call for the whole pound and a half which I didnt even eat them all! CRAZY GOODNESS! I will give a high five for the croutons as well! YUM!