Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm ALIVE!!!

Sorry for the long lapse in posting!
 I've been going going going since last Thursday morning! I am EX-HAUST-ED so I'm just going to post an array of pictures over the last 5 days that I've been doing, eating, drinking, slicing, etc!!

Thursday mornings breakfast on my way to volunteer...WHEW! What a hard day, kinda appreciate the desk job more after that day...but really motivated to donate some fluids!

Side note, not sure if these small-ish size bars are worth the average of 200 calories per...although ate it at 8 and not again til 12:30 and wasn't hungry at all. Good for on the go for sure!
A Cake that a worker of the Blood Center baked for the volunteer appreciate luncheon...amazing. The de-headed it and separated for lots of peeps to take home to their kids. Everyone liked it a lot.
 Friday off from work and lunched in WDM with my sister at Biaggi's and think that I just ordered the wrong thing. I got the lunch combo of soup and salad. Ordered the veggie minestrone and was so unimpressed that I couldn't snap a pic. The bread however is to die for and ate 2 pieces of BOTH kinds!
 My salad choice was the wedge, drenched drizzled in blue cheese, bacon bits, and tomatoes. It was overall ok, I would have preferred a nice ranch but wanted to see all the hype.
 Friday night was my niece's birthday party at my sisters house and she had her first sleepover. I was supposed to bake a cake but time got away from me on Thursday night so ran to Sam's club and came home with this number for only $10!! It was a good deal as those sponge bobs were rings and the girls went a little CA-RAZY over them! It was a nice party overall and the important thing is the girls had a blast with each other!
 Saturday=HAWKEYE football. Went to Grimes, IA to a friend's house for a house party which eventually turned to garage/yard party but when the game got close it was ON! Tons of food to chow down on: veggies and dip, meat/cheese/crackers, pickle wrap dip, (not pictured: chili, hot dogs, prime rib sandwiches, cheese dip, pumpkin bars, chips/salsa/cheese dip, bloody Mary bar and beers of course!)
 Josh relaxing during the game!
 Buffalo chicken wraps that I brought, overall pretty good.
I'll be making again (with a different thicker tortilla) so stay tuned for recipe!
 Erin Miller and Aaron Wise
 Justin Frampton, Josh Taylor, Josh Gibson
 Aaron Wise and Josh Taylor
 Josh Gibson, Melissa Snyder and Justin Frampton
 Melissa Snyder and Erin Miller
 Wyatt and Josh Gibson
 Morgan Wise and Justin Frampton
Josh Gibson, myself, and Morgan Wise

Well off to shower, just worked out for 45 minutes, see daily mile widget to left for last workout. Got in 4 days last week and that again is my goal. It will be hard, my dad had surgery Monday so was only able to get in a 25 minute walk around the block of the hospital during his recovery and had to squeeze in tonight. As long as I can "watch" the food that goes in, shorter workout should be fine!

Thanks for reading and good night!

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