Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Firsts?

Holy balls I'm posting on a Friday!
And I'm taking my REST day today!

As a fam, we went to celebrate our October birthdays (myself, brother in law(which we have same bday--weird!) and father in law) at one of my faves The Waterfront Seafood Market and Restaurant in WDM. Again, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Everyone enjoyed what they got, the service from Pete was amazing (no matter what the table of blue hairs across from us said) and the price was right!

This time I went with the crab cakes and hubs went with the halibut basket. Both were AMAZE! So AMAZE I forgot to snap pics! It was a fun time, the niece and nephew are so cute! Getting so old and really starting be a little person that actually knows stuff.

I wanted to also post a recipe/slash method for making a healthy dip for veggies, fruit, etc. I got this from my friend Lindsey's grandmother. What a gal! Who would've thunk it? SO SIMPLE!!
  • Start with 320z. fat free plain flavored yogurt. I've tried Dannon, Weight Watchers, Anderson Erickson. They all work.
  • Get two small colanders/strainers with really fine meshing.
  • Line both with coffee filters.
  • Divide yogurt between containers. Cover with remaining coffee filter.
  • Put in fridge overnight, straddling medium sized bowls.
  •  Remove from fridge. There will noticeably less amounts of yogurt left in each container. This is a good thing and is supposed to happen. There will noticeable amounts of liquid in each container underneath. Discard of that.
  •  Combine both yogurts amounts into one bowl. Notice how much volume has been taken away from straining liquid.
  •  Add flavorings. This time I went with ranch. I have done dill before(dried dill weed and garlic salt) and next time I am going to try a sweet concoction of possibly powdered sugar and vanilla or almond extract or orange peel, for a fruit dip.
  •  Enjoy! The entire container of yogurt before straining is 400 calories. I don't know if taking most of the liquid takes off calories or not. Does anyone know this? This amount could easily satisfy into 4 portions with veggies and be 4 days worth of afternoon snacks with about 150-200 calories. though MY GO TO!!!
Well I'm off to finish my load of laundry and get in bed and finish an already started episode of the Good Wife. LOVE IT!

Big Game tomorrow that my hubby gets to go to. How does he get to go to 2 games, tailgate at another and I get to only tailgate. That may change next weekend my friends, next weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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