Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glad That One's OV-AH!

What a freakin' looooooooooooong day!

Got up at 6 MF AM to workout because I knew I was going to have to stay late at work. WHY? Your hourly you say?

Holy shit bag! Best workout that I have done in the morning in a long time! I got started 9 minutes late due to the husband being up and insisting on watching the news. Do YOU think I can really give it my all if I am watching the NEWS instead of the tramps on Jerseylicious? I DON'T THINK SO!

My place of biz is LOCO for Halloween. NOT KIDDING! It's a week looooooooong of activities including but not limited to:
  • mini pumpkin decorating contest
  • guess how many zillion candy corns are in this huge jar
  • coloring contest (are we 5?)
  • department wide food day
  • color coordinated clothes to wear to work day
  • THEMED decorating contest
Each "team" has to decorate their area in a theme that is literally judge by others from other departments (I guess there was an uproar and demand for recount (there are 3 judges people) one year so now others have to do it). Keepin' it short, IT'S INTENSE! So far the themes that I have conned people into telling me are:
We are hoping for the big "W" this Friday(judgement day) since we have a side bet going on with the champions for a fully catered in breakfast. PUKE! No one know how to cook on my team so I will be bearing the brunt of this loss so fingers crossed readers!

Food wise, day was pretty standard:
Breakfast: oatmeal, grapes, & cottage cheese(I could tell yesterday I need a bit more to sustain to lunch)

Lunch: Huge salad with the fixing's with Ken's Steakhouse Light Sweet Vidalia Onion with CROUTONS!

Snack: Baby Carrots with Yogurt Dill Dip

Dinner: 2 pieces of pizza(Margarita and sausage), catered in while we worked late :) Didn't get a pic, co-workers would think I'm a freak but it was from Centro for those locals. YUMMY!

Snack: two glasses of wine :) :) :) White Merlot from the BOX! Easier to stop when from the BOX!
Now I am off to make some Crock pot Macaroni and Cheese for tomorrow center food day. Chose that because I had all the ingredients on hand and it's pretty damn tasty, if I don't say so myself!

I'll leave you with 5 Things you MAY or MAY NOT have known about your favorite GINGER!

5 Things Maybe You Just Didn't Know About Me
1.  I am super competitive. ·       Whether it’s a team or individual sport, I need to win. Whether it is a recipe contest or a game of cards with the family, I will take anyone down in my path. Sometimes I race cars out of the parking garage to see who can get out first. This has resulted in going down the wrong way and getting into multiple crashes, but I always WIN!
2.      I cannot paint fingernails or toenails. ·       I simply can’t perform this task without a shaky hand. I am not going through street drug withdrawals of any kind, but none would be the wisest if they try to watch me do it. Paint all over the skin, the floor, anything near the teeny tiny brush.
3.      I loathe the process of showering/getting ready. ·       I mean unless I am in my wedding, I don’t care if I have showered. Yeah sometimes it is really refreshing and awesome, but most of the time I am just mad that I had to spend money on the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, shaving cream, face wash, etc.! Another big business scam!
4.      My favorite food of all time is popcorn. ·       Salty or sweet is such a good treat! Or dinner, breakfast, lunch. This is a good healthy snack all aloe but it even gets better when you drizzle on real butter and a sprinkle of salt. Don’t get me wrong, the cheesy kind or kettle corn can satisfy me as well, but butter and salty is the best COMBO ever!
5.      I am very nosey. ·       I want to know everything about everyone that I know or even briefly come into contact with. I mean if its their business why can’t it be mine?


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  1. From Ginger's sister:
    #1 - Yes. Makes for lots of pouting when she loses.
    #2-Its hilarious in fact. But she paints walls with this same shaky hand. AKA is banned from painting at all.
    #3-She's serious. It runs in the fam.
    #4-I think salt is your favorite food.
    #5-ha ha. True city.