Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Need a Break!

I have been in the kitchen all day and I LOVE IT!

Slept in a bit later than usual today, especially since I wasn't slinging brewskis yesterday when my fave HAWKS lost! :( It's over and done with but still stings a bit! It was a good game and CONGRATS to the Cyclone readers out there. I mean, the sun shines on a dog's butt every once in and while....JUST KIDDING!

Anywho, up and ready to roll around 9:30 when I promptly got started on my crock pot apple butter. I perused the Internet looking for a low sugar recipe and found one I liked here but when I went to make it I only had the apples, apple juice, and cinnamon. I still went with it. It is bubbling away still so we will see! All I did was slice up a 3lb bag of apples(that I scored last week for 99cents), 3 cups of low sugar apple juice, and some dumps of cinnamon(to taste). Then I will put into blender and freeze it, I still have half a jar from my friendly neighbor who gave me the idea when he made it a week or so ago; he has an apple tree and an abundance of apples right now.
After this, I took a break to seat some lunch(Jimmy John's-WOOPS!) and watch the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy! Holy mother of hell! What a great show! And keep the shots of Jax's butt in the scenes just not with trashy porn stars!

Next up was making Asian turkey pot stickers. I have wanted to make there for um, near like 9 months so I finally took the plunge! I saw the recipe from IGE a long time ago then I had some at a local resturant/bar while having brunch and have been in love ever since. Since Star Bar, I also located a ginormous box of them located at Sam's Club for under $10 so I've bought those a couple of times before today. I would estimate that this probably cost me about $7 to make for 41 of them. Overall, it took me probably an hour to assemble everything from mixing to freezer and it's about the same cost per piece so depending on taste I may just stick with the store bought ones. Only time will tell!

Then the hubs and I watched some more of our fave shows from the DVR while I prepped my salads and his sandwiches for lunch. I went through the same process as I always do but this week I really will take a picture of at least one, if not them all! I did some laundry(gross) and took a small nap straightened up the bedroom then got started on dinner.

What are we having? Chris bought a package of chicken breast from the store on Saturday and you know and how long he thinks meat can stay around so we had to use that and I had some eggplants given to me from my mama so I went to town this last week looking online on how to make things with them. It was between eggplant fries and vegetable lasagna. So what did we have for dinner you ask?


Chicken Cordon Blue and Green Beans (for him) and Eggplant Fries(for her)!

Overall, this dinner was simple to make. Follow these steps:

1. Started by pounding out the chicken breast, covered in plastic wrap with a can of beans(or a meat pounder thing)
2. Spread a thin layer of laughing cow sun dried tomato mozzarella and basil over the chicken (1 wedge per chicken piece).
Does anyone else see boobies here below?

3. Cover with ham and favorite cheese flavor. We had Havarti, which is slowly over taking muenster as my favorite cheese.

4. Bake at 375 for about 30 minutes, give or take some time. Chicken just needs to be done.
5. DEVOUR! This was so moist and delicious. Some of the cheese oozed out and got a bit crunchy on the edges which I am HUGE fan of so that was delightful!

Now onto the eggplant fries. I really liked this tutorial so adapted what I did from there, kind of.
1. Start with any amount of eggplants, I had all baby ones. Peel the skins off. Cut into sticks

2. Put into plastic bag, add 2-3 tablespoons of flour, liberal amounts of garlic salt and white pepper, sprinkle parsley and oregano, and grind in some black pepper.

3. Shake it like ya mama gave it to ya!

4. Bake for 18 minutes at 375 then hit it with broil for 5 minutes, then flip them all over and broil for 5 additional minutes.
5. EAT! These were pretty tasty and lend itself to the mindset of eating french fries as they were pretty crispy yet the huge pile I had was only like 60-80 calories and totally zesty!

Gotta get on the gazelle for at least 30 minutes, that's my new daily minimum(except rest day) even though I totally crushed my calories burnt by just cooking in the kitchen all day! Love when you do that doing things you enjoy!

But first Menu Plan Sunday!
This week is a little crazy but I will give it a try:
  • Sunday: Chicken Cordon Blue and Veggie Side(GB or EP)
  • Monday: Chicken Manicotti with garlic sandwich thins
  • Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup with Chili Lime Tortilla Strips (BL/dinner night!)
  • Wednesday: Hamburger & fries for him and turkey burger & broccoli for her with
  • Thursday: Ham Braid (stay tuned, this is a doozie!)
  • Friday: No plans, never work when I plan something
  • Saturday: See Friday.
FYI I am also hanging up my ass hat for the next two weeks so I can jump start some weight loss again. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that I am maintaining the weight loss but want/need the scale to start going back down so I think a small hiatus from all things barley and hops related will help me.

Thanks for reading and good night moon!

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