Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who's Ready for A Quickie?

A Quick Post that is!
Get your head out of the gutter!

Gotta get to bed so I'll just show the eats for the day.

Food day at work remember:
Breakfast: Biscuit and gravy (all processed and not really that good, not worth 310 calories)

Lunch: I try to just take "tastes" of things that looked good so here's what my plate was:
  • Loose meat w/ ketchup & mustard on it
  • pickle wrap dip w/ a few bagel pieces for dipping
  • Thai broccoli slaw
  • spinach dip
  • buffalo chicken dip
  • cheesy hamburger dip
  • 1 meatball (not pictured--woops right in the kisser!)
  • tortilla chips
  • oatmeal cheesecake bar(TO DIE FOR!)
Dinner: 4 Cheese Ravioli (from freezer section) w/ Garlic Toasted Sandwich Thin (took like 10 minutes to make everything=LOVE!) Kinda strayed from menu plan made on Sunday but needed something quick and healthy.

After work, I had to run to the store get some milk for the hubs then ran to Salvation Army to get some Halloween digs. I came in at the right time, all this week 5 pieces of clothes for $5?!?! WTF! So I got:
  • an American flag t-shirt
  • flannel for the Halloween contest
  • strapless off white and brown dress (that is way to small for me but might fit someday or eventually I'll let a skinny friend have it)
  • a pair of running pants
  • black coat/blazer.
  • black boots for the costume
  • pair of brand new brown walking shoes.
...for the grand total of $20!!! HOLY MOLY!! Locals, sale is on for the rest of the week, all gender of clothing included. Salvation Army across from Fareway on Euclid. Nice deals!

What a score!

Rode the gazelle for an hour, got.2 more miles than yesterday (4.4ish) because I am SO MOTIVATED right now. Weighing in and having it be your new low is so AMAZING! Wednesdays are the only days on record but it still feels great each morning when I am down just a bit.

Do we see 37+ lost next week? I freakin' hope so!

Night all! Stay tuned for tomorrow with my brand new Chicken Tortilla Soup that I just put in the crock!
And maybe a pic of me in the costume...think good thoughts for our team to win!

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