Monday, October 25, 2010

Motivation Monday!

Hi all!
It has been a really good day for a Monday, well for me at least. I usually am a sack of assholes on Monday due to a weekend full of debauchery and horrible eating. Since that was NOT the case this weekend. Monday flew by with flying colors!

Meals at work were simple and thought out:
Breakfast: grapes and oatmeal with hot tea (flavor was berry zinger)
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken and 3 Cheese Ranch dressing (my fave store bought kind!) and water
Snack: Celery sticks with yogurt dill dip(recipe to come--thanks Lindsey's grandma!) and water

Dinner Chicken Manicotti & garlic toasts and iced tea (recipe to come with pics-this was already froze)
Snack: Popcorn and water (LOVE!!!!)

Another KEY thing to my weight loss, I think, is the amount of water I put down each day. Overall, I am very fast drinker of any type of liquid. Ask both my friends and enemies that I can put down some beverages even when I'm not meaning to :) I would say my daily average is well over 100oz then between cooking and while working out, another 50 oz or so. I'm really washing out all my sodium laden foods that are so near and dear to my heart(see 3 Cheese Ranch & popcorn above ).

Calorie wise, a pretty good day! I need to incorporate more than one serving of fruit per day although aren't fruits and veggies all lumped into one? I get more bang from my calories going with the veggies that I like as they don't have a lot of natural sugar.

Here is a screen shot of all my inputted food today on the BodyBugg program. How amazing is that? It doesn't take a lot of time and is so helpful! If you don't have a BB, then I suggest using another either online site to track food or a journal you take everywhere you go. I still have to do that most of the time until I can log everything in.

I was motivated when I got home to get a great workout in too since I had eaten well all day so I pumped out over 4 miles on the gazelle in an hour, whilst finishing off an Amazing Race episode and half. I'm not sure why I am watching it this season, I'm not really into any of the teams yet. Though I would let Nick do dirty things to me in an afterlife ;)
When I track my mileage on here (see widget on the left from DailyMile) Its a good estimate based on the steps that the BodyBugg tracks for me. This tool is great and horrible at the same time. It motivates while I am working out to go faster to get more steps in but also shows me just HOW lazy I am can be sometimes! Beat my goal today!

On that note, I'm off to finish this popcorn and watch some trashy TV for a bit before zonking out. waking up at 5:45 is for the birds but not working out to NOT an option for me anymore! I'll leave you with some thoughts for Motivation Monday, feel free to leave a COMMENT on this page with your goals and/or motivators!

Top 3 Goals that I am Working Towards
1. Running a 5 without any walking breaks.     I don't really care what my ending time will be but inevitably it would be my fastest time since I would never be walking.
2. Wearing a swimsuit in front of others besides my dog and not feeling ridiculous.     I'm not talking string bikini here folks, I'd be OK with a tankini or a nice one piece. Just something I am comfortable in.
3. Wearing a pair of Seven jeans(not plus size ones)with black point boots that go over my not so fat anymore calves.     Even if it’s the largest size they make, I am OK with it. The boots are the real victory in this scenario.

Top 3 Way I Stay Motivated
1. Weigh Every Morning      Sometimes this can go the other way. When it goes down, it really makes me want to workout and eat healthy throughout   the day. Sometimes, it can have the opposite effect, if the numbers have went up. The latter is a rare occurrence but does happen, even if the numbers are up a bit.
2. Shirt Behind My Dresser     I keep a shirt sized large(although I think it is a smaller large) that I glance at while working out each time to remind myself of what I am working towards. Kinda like that special k bikini commercial. It's a dark grey with a collar of sparkly sequins. I love it a lot.
3. My BodyBugg     As I have said before, it motivates me to eat right because I hate inputting crap into it. I feel as if the little icon lady is looking down at me when I enter 120 ounces of Bud Light. Also, I have a never ending goal to beat my highest calorie burn all the time. As you lose weight, you burn less calories so the current high has been there for sometime. I WILL BEAT IT!


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  1. Hey hun, just wanted to tell you that you are doing an AWESOME job! I think while you motivate yourself, you are also motivating and even though life can be chaotic and crazy, we can still work it. Good job!!! looking sexy~