Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday!

HI Everyone!
I know that I told you last night that it was in-house date night for the hubs and I but as you will soon come to find out, as usual, plans changed.

First things first: my eats for the day:B-fast included same dealio as yesterday: Kashi Go Lean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax with a Yoplait yogurt(this time Blackberry--which was good but had chunks of blackberries which I don't recollect blueberry patch having that but will pay more attention next time. Jury is still deliberating if I like that or not...

Also included in the breakfast was a small helping of cottage cheese. Weird combo right? Only reason being that I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat it at lunch with the ginormous salad I had packed so I nibbled away on it. No biggie! Oh, I just had a fiasco with my phone camera so no pics of breakfast but it looks a lot like yesterdays with a side of cottage cheese :)

BREAKFAST Calorie Total: 391(kinda heavy for me for breakfast but it is totally fulfilling up until lunch around noon!)

Onto lunch, I saved the last bit of spinach/dole classic blend mix from the trash today by making a ole standby for me: my version of the garbage salad, IE: anything and everything you can find goes in! In today's mix: baby spinach, Dole classic blend, radishes, diced sweet onions, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, diced celery, some of the chicken breast I sauteed last night and topped it with Ken's Light Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing.

A bit of background info, since starting this new lifestyle back in January, I would easily say that 80% of my lunches ate work have been a salad of this nature. I usually will have one each day, only mixing up the dressing and by doing that I get a whole taste and don't get bored. I have found some great dressings too! My faves include: Kraft Light Done Right 3 Cheese, Kraft Light Done Right Toasted Asian Sesame, and this Ken's one. I didn't like Kraft Light Honey Dijon(not sure if its named that--see that good of impression!) I just bought a salad dressing mixer up thinger from PC and hoping that arrives soon so I can start whipping up homemade dressing for less sodium. I always prep all my lunch salad on Sundays so its less time consuming on a daily basis. This is what my kitchen island looks like while I'm assembling them as if I worked in the Ford factory. I'M A SALAD MAKING MACHINE!!

I may also go with a small side salad and soups for lunches this winter. Always nice to have a hot thing to eat when "baby, it's cold outside!" Again, due to camera fiasco, no actual pic but I had an old one from a salad (that includes turkey peperoni) to give you an idea of what they look like. I WILL GET A HANG OF TAKING (AND KEEPING) ALL FOOD PICS!

LUNCH Calorie Total: 336 Calories (including dressing!)

My sister Sara and friends Lindsey and Matt always get together each week to watch the Biggest Loser and take turns preparing a delicious yet nutritious meal. This week it was at Lindsey's loft downtown, which is always nice to get a change of scenery on a weeknight, as long as its not too late out :)

On the menu tonight: chicken fajitas with 98% fat free Mission tortillas and Rice-a-Roni Mexican rice(who all sang out loud "The San Francisco treat!" ? BE HONEST!! Here are the green peps and onions sizzling away!

Moving forward, while the veggies and meat were cooking we enjoyed a glass of raspberry chocolate port wine that Sara brought. It was good at first but it sat and got warm(I know! I usually don't give my adult beverages that luxury) it got a little too much for me. Maybe, just maybe, if I only drink things that I won't like after they sit I will drink less. Maybe I'll try that this weekend, maybe not. OK, probably not.

Here is a pic of my sister's plate, again with the forgetting of the taking pictures. Some day peeps, some day. The meal was great. Thanks Lindsey for hosting. Can't wait to see what Chef Sara dreams up for next week? Carry out pizza or maybe frozen chicken nuggets? That girl needs HELP!

DINNER Calorie Total: 634
DAILY Calorie Total: 1582 (includes other random snacks, I'm such a Mrs. Snacky McSnackerson!)

I also hit my calorie burn again!

Well, onto bed. Rise and shine early to go volunteer(a perk at my current employer to go out in the community during your work hours and volunteer and still get PAID!! And not use your PTO!! Sign me UP!!

OHHH! I know its weigh in Wednesday and I totally spaced it this AM(mean I can't weigh in at night after retaining the 1094 ounces of water I drink a day so I will post a new number to the left tomorrow morning!
Thanks again for reading and good night all!

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