Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays...FAIL

Good evening everyone!

I wanted to have a cocktail so bad after getting off of my "volunteering" shift today. Don't get me wrong, I had way more fun than I would have if I had been doing my regular work shift but the weather was so nice, the sun was shining, and I had just received a parking ticket! Who doesn't sing the praises to the margarita gods for those reasons? My gal pal had to work her second job so it was probably for the best anyways!

Overall, I had a very declious day of eating! Breakfast was a little more labor intesive today as I had some extra time (15 minutes) compared to regular mornings so I friend up, what I refer to as, a "Sunrise Special." "Cause it is OH SO GOOD!

Pepperidge Farm Light 7 Grain Thin Bread, with two eggs, a slice of Kraft American cheese (all that processed cheese product goodness) and some Frank's hot sauce for some ZING! I use a flower pancake shaper thing to keep most (as you can see) of the egg all together so it will fit perfectly on the toasted bred. Egg beaters work better but you use what you got!

WORDS.CANNOT.DESCRIBE! I have been missing these bad boys! Crunchy bread, ooey gooey cheese, crispy egg, LOVE!! And they took all about 7 minutes to make. Might find a regular rotation in the old breakfast go 'round!

BREAKFAST Calorie Total: 273

Usually when I volunteer, I would come home for the hour lunch they gave us for three reasons:
a) It was longer than my normal lunch
b) I only lived like 8 minutes away during daytime traffic :)
c) I'm able to prepare a lunch fresh from whatev is in my fridge
Today, however, was not that way. I was volunteering a new gal that I had never worked with before and she didn't bring a lunch, didn't have a car, and asked me to go the lunch with her. That being said, it's not easy for me to say no to people's face (except if your my husband, love ya babes!) so away we walked (thank goodness) to the friend mecca that downtown Des Moines calls the Kalediscope Mall/The Hub.

Its like a shopping mall's foodcourt: cheeseburgers, chineese, subs, loose meat sandwiches, baked potato bar, pizza, pretzels, sushi, fro-yo, popsorn, sushi, and even thai? I was SPINNING!!! I had idea what to do. There was a Subway, but I swear there was 84 peeps in line and I was pretty starving at this point(almost an hour past my regulary eaten lunch). So I decided that I would just go to the place that had the smallest line; alas, Chineese won. I'm fine with it as I never get it and I knew I was having a healthy dinner. I ordered the Chicken Fried Rice, substitute brown rice instead of white and a delicious egg roll. I simply put love egg rolls. I almost went with the crab rangoons too but minimum order was 6 and there was no way that I could throw all that down. I only ate about half then tried to wash all that sodium out of my body with a Diet Coke. I know, VOMIT!!! I loathe soda, pop, whatever you call it. I mean who doesn't have a water button on the fountain or at least a fountain pumped iced tea beldn. GROSS!!! Oh, and as always when Im starving I forgot pics. You can picture it though: calorie overlaod!!! a lot like this:

Photo courtesy of here
LUNCH Calorie Total
(pureply an estimate given by body bugg): 675

I volunteered from 8:30-3:30 so was able to hit the grocery store for some grub before the hubs even got home. I like grocery shopping a lot, especially when I'm alone and get to gingerly(ha ha) look @ new products, compare nutritional values, and spend time actually looking at the produce rather. My regular store doesn't have a lot of variety, which in turns doesn't have a lot of price gouging(which I'm keen on) and the meat counter boys know aht I want(except for Red Face, aka, guy who gives me way more lunch meat than I ask for EVERY TIME!!) I avoid him like he has HINI. I usually also will swing my a really msall grocer near my house for bread and dairy product because somewhow theyir prices on those items are like 75% off anywhere else I've found. It's Lynn's to all you locals :)

Came home, unloaded my loot, and proceed to morph into Martha Stewart. I baked 2 batches of cookies(shown on this blog as my FIRST guest post!) and whipped up the hub's fave meal that I was talking about a couple of days ago.

Dinner was Chicken Paninis (3 varieties) and roasted vegetables. Chris LOVES paninis, of any kind. Chicken, beef, meatless, turkey & ham, its hot and pressed, he will throw it down! He is kinda picky to say the least so when I find something that will please him each time, I stick with it!

I just use Rotella's Hoagie buns, diced chicken breast(most of time made ahead of time), and whatever toppings to make them yours! Our house faves are:
1. Chicken Parmigana(chciken, spagetti suace, and mozz cheese)
2.Buffalo Chicken(buffalo sauce, diced chicken, diced celery, blue cheese, and mozz cheese)
3. BBQ Chicken(BBQ sauce to your liking, diced chicken, diced green onions, and havarti cheese).

TO DIE FOR!!! Somestimes I will carmelize the onions which we all know take it up that extra notch!

I also roasted up a side of veggies for me: summer squash, zucchini, and sweet potato. Tossed them in I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spary with a drizzle of EVOO, garlic salt, pepper, and parsley flakes. Pretty tasty, yams were my fave part and can't beat the nurtitional value for them!

DINNER Total Calories: 419
DAILY TOTAL Calories: 1718(includes random m&ms at Variety :) and popcorn right now! )
DAILY Calories Burnt: 4300+ (one of my highest!)

Between that and the few "mess up" cookies, I was done, Put a fork in me. We watched some TV then headed back to bed, the hubs is getting onset of a head cold so you know what the means? HEAD FOR THE HILLS! I would rather have 12 crying babies than one sick husband. Ladies, you know what I am talking about!

I eventually mustered up enough energy to get on the gazelle and pump out 30 minutes, my daily minimum, although I had already burnt my daily calories through the volunteering adventures!

On that note, I'm POOPED! I've got a big day planned tomorrow: wake up, workout, shower, shop, lunch, eye doc, dinner out with the in law's for my bday @ Waterfront! I heart sushi!

As always, thanks for reading and those of you lurking in the shadows, comment or sign up to follow! :)

PS-I had way betters pics for today but I hit delete when I meant to hit copy so i could move from camera to folder on computer. AHH, will I ever get good pics on here?

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  1. Cookies for me? Are they the crisco ones? PLEASE.