Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to Ginger's Goodies! It's Motivation MONDAY!!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog: Ginger's Goodies!
Named Ginger's Goodies for two reasons: I am a ginger(red head, carrot top, etc) and these GOODIES are going to be FINE BY 29!!!

As the blog progresses, I will try to incorporate a few tidbits of background info on how I got to where I am today, through triumphs and struggles, laughter and tears, sweat and bruises. For the most part I am going to use this as a place to get things off my mind so I can always be refreshed and ready to tackle this thing called weight loss! This will mostly include what I did that to stay active, what food choices I made, and then fun stuff like my always packed social life and every attempt to grab a great deal!

I had a wonderful weekend. The weather in the DMI was to die for! I mean, its October and it was breaking 85: beautiful, breezy, and sunny!

Friday night, my hubby and I went on an impromptu dinner date. I let him pick the place(he is the picky one after all) and he chose Ruby Tuesday. He likes their buffalo chicken sliders and I like their fresh bar so away we went. It was like 5:15 so we were surrounded by all of the blue hairs and the funny thing was they were all chugging their wine and most likely whiskey on the rocks, while we were rocking out waters! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices! Here is a pic of my ginormous salad from the fresh bar, for the most part made good choices(spring salad mix, cucumbers, broccoli, peas, sun dried tomatoes, craisins, cherry tomatoes, red onion, celery), only high calorie/fat items was about a tablespoon of shredded cheese, sunflower seeds, and diced eggs. Otherwise rest was veggies. Oh and the dressing, I used the low cal ranch(as I'm not really a fan of either varieties they have there) with a small drizzle of full fat French. I forgot to take anymore food pics as usual my entree went directly into a to go box. I mean you saw the size of that salad right???!!

After dinner, my sister Sara, her hubby Chad, and their 3 month baby boy Charlie came over to have a night cap. They had to get back home to to get their other kiddo so an early night we had.

Saturday morning started with a quick trip to Kohls and then to Payless Shoe Source. I was in the market for some black walking shoes that were flats. Chris wanted a new shirt for the wedding that night. We end up with a sharp new white shirt for him, and WOOPS I scored two new pairs of shoes: the black walking flats and new pair of closed toe black heels,for the wedding of course. Plus it was BOGO and this girl CANNOT resist a shoe sale! Ok so technically, I bought 5 pairs of shoes over the weekend (due to an impromptu Target and Home Depot stop between RT's and my sis coming over) but total for all 5 pairs was under $45 so I'm ok with that!

After working an appetite walking around the mall, the hubs and I headed to a local BBQ joint Woody's Smoke Shack for multiple reasons: a)we had never been b) reviews are FANTASTIC c) we had a coupon! Well, the peeps who say this place is good are LYING!!! It is awesome! Woody's best deal is what both of us got but mixed up our options we could taste as much as possible. Does any other couples do this? Chris ordered pulled chicken(always a sandwich) with baked beans and cheesy potatoes with a Pepsi(GROSS!)

I got the brisket with mac and cheese and cheddar jalapeno grits with an unsweetened ice tea(my fave bev besides water!). Tons of food for such a small price, $15 for the both of us! That being said, way too much food too! I ate all the brisket, the cornbread, and few bites of each of the sides. Just enough to get my fill but not enough to ruin my day!

A highlight of eating in house(as we saw probably 10 peeps come in and take out while we ate for the 20 minutes) is the complimentary fresh baked cornbread with honey drizzle(if you like and we like :) ). I even smuggled a piece for my mama as she loves her some cornbread. All in all, a really good endeavor to a new local eatery. We will be going again, not only because we have more coupons (which doesn't hurt) but because we love it!

We then went home, where Chris nodded off into a food coma slumber while trying to watch college football. I mean its fine as background noise but does it really matter if its not the IOWA HAWKEYES!! I went on to prep some food for the week as I knew that we were busy Sunday and I like to have nothing to do Sundays, except whateva I feel LIKE!

I also managed to slip in a hard 30 minute workout on the gazelle while watching an episode of Rachael Ray. I HEART her!

We had a family wedding that night and I'll give some more info on that tomorrow!

MOTIVATION MONDAY: What keeps you workin' up a sweat day in and day out?

Good night and thanks for reading the first post!

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